A downloadable game


You can play using the keys:
Player 1 - W, S, A, D and 'Space' for revive
Player 2 - ARROW UP, ARROW DOWN, ARROW LEFT, ARROW RIGHT and 'left Shift' for revive

if you want to play vs a friend you can, if not so the second snake will dissapear fast when you are playing vs bots
Player 1 Color - Pink
Player 2 Color - Yellow

There are some executable files for the game with different number of bots each.

You should visit the Settings.txt file. There you can change the back color if its irrirating.
There you can also change the bots settings, if they can lost or they will only grow and grow(survival)

line 1 options - Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black
line 2 options - Killer, Passive


the background is black and you cant kill the bots.

Want to mention that this game was created in One Day.

Enjoy :)

Install instructions

Just extract the file and then you can run each of the executables


Snake.zip 651 kB